OptiPrintSM Program

The OptiPrintSM program has been developed to allow independent dealers the opportunity to roll out an effective print management strategy.

It is likely that an additional 10-40% (or more) of the end users will evolve into a managed print solution within the next 5 years, which may permanently change the imaging market. The OptiPrintSM program has been established to recognize the shifting market and offer a comprehensive print management strategy to capitalize on the opportunities.

The OptiPrintSM program has 5 key components of the Print Management strategy;

  • OptiPrint Software - The backbone of any Print Management program
  • Printing Supplies - Highest Quality products required for a successful implementation
  • Service - Solution available for any Dealer ready for the managed print commitment
  • Training - Flexible and comprehensive program
  • Sales Support - Must comprehend the evolution to a managed print strategy